Saturday, January 26, 2013

Food for thought regarding changing HoN's defensive meta

The opinions/ideas below are simply a result of my crazy thoughts, so don’t take them too seriously, just food for thought to spark some brainstorming about what might be done to help our current anti-risk meta.

IN the current meta we have so much emphasis on strategies involving heroes which have farming abilities and/or mobility mechanisms... TDL, Magebane, Hag, Draconis, Silhouette, basically heroes that can get strong farm, recover from being down (case in point, draconis), or have spells that reduce the risk of less than ideal positioning, in essence what we’ve seen become of the scene is either pseudo trilanes to ensure strong early farm for your carry hero, or a carry hero who has strong lane presence in a 1v1 situation. In essence, you’re not rewarded for innovation or taking laning risks, and anything “innovative” is usually just a small deviation from the standard. Clearly, the “tp” mechanisms must be reworked, it’s not really a point that should be debated, but something more, instead of creating an item to forcibly create gank opportunities such as “smoke of deceit” in Dota 2, i suggest something else.

My Idea is the creation/rework of farm-steroid or the creation of game changing items which don’t require massive amounts of farm but instead through the killing of heroes.


1) rework alchemist bones, this item needs to be changed in a fashion where it’s strong enough to be a “replacement” for runed axe. In essence, heroes such as predator can now increase their farm in a similar fashion to heroes with high mobility/steroids with runed axe. An idea, create alch bones which can be upgraded to a tier 2 or tier 1 item which allows you to have a “farm” item for certain heroes like nullstone is for heroes with nuke spells, silh/draconis/hag, and runed axe is for tdl/magebane.

My personal take on what item should be made, an item which mixes with elder parasite, so that way it’d be the item slot efficient but slightly weaker overall sister itemof abyssal/whispering helm + runed axe. So... Elder parasite (1950) + Alch bones (1900) + Recipe (X gold)
+50 attack speed
22% life steal

Any hero that dies gives you extra XXX gold, any creep that dies gives you say... 10 gold or +% of cost of killing creep.
Activation... increased attack speed 80%, increased movement speed 20%, increased damage taken 20%.

In essence this would make it possible for less conventional carries who can’t clear stacks as quickly to still maintain 400+ gpm while having game presence but still not outshine heroes who get to eat tons of stacks (500-600 gpm heroes)

Additionally it would also not be a simple replacement for heroes who need the extra beef from a symbol of rage. Additionally it wouldn’t be able to outshine a rune axe for melees. And finally it wouldn’t be optimal to rush over a nullstone for others. It would be an excellent item for heroes with low mobility/farm mechanics but tanky over all.

Create an item which increases damage or simply put an item akin to urn of shadows from dota 2, perhaps not a direct port, but something which offers sustainability to players who are ganking so that way there aren’t respites of 60-90 seconds afters ganks for the enemy team.

3) bonus idea:
Perhaps a consumable which aids in ganks? An item which silences for X seconds, or stuns for X or grants user vision in surrounding area to avoid blinks into trees, or a one time blink, etc.

In essence, what this would do is open up the game to irregular heroes and carries, promote ganking, and/or more active game play so instead of avoiding fights by counter pushing you can fight and still get decent cash flow from it.

Anyways, these are my thoughts on what could “come” into this game, as i stated earlier they’re by no means the final solution or even the best, but they’re food for thought on the meta and how we can change it without directly copying Dota 2.

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